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800SP sprouts blended winglets

 - June 30, 2008, 6:30 AM

After a successful flight program and anticipated certification, Aviation Partners Inc. (API) is announcing the Hawker 800SP blended winglet program, with initial customer deliveries beginning early next year.

According to API, the 42-in.-high winglets have demonstrated a dramatic 7-percent reduction in drag and corresponding increase in range during cruise. With significantly improved lift/drag ratios, the 800SP also has improved times to climb along with a Mach 0.03 speed advantage over the standard 800. In hot and high situations, the winglet-equipped 800SP offers improved runway performance and boosted second-segment climb capability.

“With nearly 300 Hawker 800s out there, we expect the 800SP program to be even more successful than our Gulfstream II blended winglet program,” said API program manager Dick Sears. “Blended winglets improve the range of the 800 by 180 nautical miles and boost cruise speed by 18 knots without affecting the traditionally great handling characteristics of the aircraft.”

More than half of the eligible GII fleet has been fitted with blended winglet systems, and the technology is standard on the Boeing BBJ. API president Joe Clark anticipates an equally enthusiastic market response to the Hawker program.

“Anytime you can increase the performance and aesthetics of a business aircraft, it adds significant value for the customer base,” he said. “The Hawker series will be around for a long time. It’s a rock-solid aircraft that customers love, and by making a great airplane even better, we anticipate having the opportunity to enhance performance of virtually the entire Hawker 800 fleet.”

The winglet-equipped Hawker 800SP is at NBAA Static Display No. 35.