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Hockey team launches Jepp dispatch program

 - June 30, 2008, 7:33 AM

Jeppesen has launched its Flight Operations Service to support operators who are constrained by limited resources. The unit will deliver complete dispatch services intended to appeal to those companies who want to remain focused on running healthy operations without making large investments in dispatch and flight operations support departments.

Jeppesen (Booth No. 5743) says its more than 65 years of experience in supporting global flight operations with modern technologies, unparalleled access to industry resources and a team of licensed and experienced dispatchers allows it to create a service that delivers access and resources to operators that would otherwise not be available.

The National Hockey League’s Columbus Blue Jackets team is the launch customer for Jeppesen Flight Operations Services (JFOS) program.

“Ours is a Part 125 operation,” explained Paul Spreng, director of team flight operations. “That means we have to fulfill all the requirements of Part 125 when dispatching our DC-9. JFOS takes care of all our dispatch needs while saving us the expense and overhead of running our own in-house dispatch operation.”

Jeppesen’s capabilities include flight planning, weather services, load planning and weight and balance, flight following, crew briefing and tracking, maintenance scheduling and more.

For additional information, contact Jeppesen at (303) 799-9090 or on the web at