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Honeywell sets new grades with STAAR

 - June 30, 2008, 9:30 AM

Honeywell Aerospace’s business and regional aircraft authorized service centers are to be graded under a new Service Target Authorization Approval Rating (STAAR) program. This will set performance standards for service center authorization and the quarterly performance metrics required to achieve a STAAR designation.

“The STAAR program is based on feedback from our operators and service centers and on benchmarking studies of the automotive and aviation service industries,” said Jeffrey Johnston, Honeywell’s director of propulsion systems customer and product support. “The program establishes 13 key performance standards that service centers must meet to become part of the Honeywell authorized network and introduces a higher set of expectations that must be met to achieve a STAAR designation.”

Operators of Honeywell’s engines will be responsible for 50 percent of the overall rating for a service center. Facilities will be able to score additional points toward their rating by providing special maintenance options, such as acoustic survey capability and electronic logbooks.

Most performance items are to be tracked each month and there will be a quarterly review of each of Honeywell’s 130 authorized service centers. The first ratings will be published in January.

Separately, the group also announced on Sunday that its Honeywell Aerospace Trading aircraft components unit has extended its service to cover business and regional aircraft. The operation buys and sells pre-owned and excess equipment of all major brands, including avionics, auxiliary power units, engines and environmental control systems. One-year warranties are provided on most purchases.