NBAA Convention News

LED innovator adds to its product line

 - June 30, 2008, 9:01 AM

Among the new products featured at Emteq’s NBAA 2002 exhibit (Booth No. 3429) are a series of additions to the Muskegon, Wis. company’s light emitting diode (LED) line. It emphasized its new high-temperature, low-loss Teflon 75-ohm coaxial cable and its support capabilities for systems such as the Honeywell AIS2000, Honeywell IHAS/TAS and products offered by Iridium original equipment manufacturers.

In emphasizing its LED credentials, Emteq laid claim to being the first company in the aviation industry to work with “true white LEDs” for cabin interiors. LED components introduced at the meeting included the small (1.75-in. mounting diameter), low-power, lightweight ELR03 reading light; disc-type air gaspers to match reading lights; a new exit sign and marker light; and RGB “mood lighting.” In the case of RGB technology, the company stated it will begin offering it as a complement to its full line of already available LED lighting products. Applications for RGB technology include “highlighting ‘exotic’ interior furnishing, full color capability and full programmability for different moods and ambiance.”

(Emteq added that a number of aircraft exhibited at the meeting use its LED devices. These include Bombardier at Booth No.1079, Embraer at No. 5847, Global Aircraft Interiors at No. 6166, Heritage Aviation Services at No. 3215 and Sino Swearingen at No. 2364).

Features of the new 75-ohm coaxial cable, Emteq said, include a high degree of flexibility, Skydrol resistance, low-insertion loss, more than 90 dB of shielding effectiveness and FAA approval for flammability. The company stated the cable can be provided in bulk or as prefabricated and certified cable assemblies.

For its Honeywell IHAS/TAS support, Emteq can offer avionics installation provisions based on the Honeywell installation manual. Support components include FAA- and military-approved RF cables and connectors, equipment trays, MS connectors, wire bundle kits and avionics support packages. At its FAA/PMA-approved facility, the firm can provide testing up to 20 GHz, “lot traceability on each cable, automated strip equipment for precise terminations and one- to two-day turnaround.” To support the Honeywell AIS2000 system, Emteq said it provides fully tested and certified RF Ku and L-band cable assemblies, as well as fixed attenuators, installation hardware kits, wire harnesses and 75-ohm coax cable.

Emteq also called attention to its installation support for domestic and international TV systems. That includes providing prefabricated and tested RF cable assemblies configured to custom applications. Cable sets are fully compliant with Airshow and military specifications and standards. Emteq also provides Avionics Support packages that include a 1/2 ATR Equipment tray, Arinc 404 Rack Connector and Arinc contacts.