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MxVision tracks weather in real time via satellite

 - June 30, 2008, 11:28 AM

MxVision AviationSentry, a PC-based weather system designed exclusively for the aviation industry, now provides pilots and FBOs with storm tracking and lightning detection, according to Meteorlogix (Booth No. 2379).

It receives real-time data from satellite download, including regional and local radar, weather satellite photos and aviation-specific forecast maps. With the click of a mouse, pilots see not only where a storm is, but also where it’s heading and what time it will get there–adding another element of safety to flight planning.

In addition, FBOs benefit because now they can take proactive measures such as tethering planes and ensuring ground crew safety. As an extra level of safety, MxVision AviationSentry monitors real-time lightning strikes and sounds an alarm when a strike occurs within a designated zone. FBOs can use this information to cease fueling and passenger loading prior to a dangerous lightning strike.

The weather data is displayed over full-color topographic maps. To plan a route, pilots simply drag the mouse across a map and the system automatically collects the current and developing weather data needed to determine the fastest and safest route. After finalizing the route, the pilot can file the flight plan as a seamless part of the process because MxVision AviationSentry integrates this capability into the system.

Meteorlogix claims to be the world’s largest commercial weather services provider. It supplies major manufacturers, corporate aviation departments and airlines.