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Rockwell Collins to offer WSI InFlight weather

 - June 30, 2008, 7:01 AM

Rockwell Collins has selected WSI InFlight to provide up-to-date weather briefings to aircraft equipped with Collins Pro Line 21 flight-deck displays. WSI Corp.’s InFlight system uses satellite technology to continuously broadcast accurate, up-to-date weather and near-term forecasts to any aircraft equipped with WSI’s special-purpose antenna and receiver. WSI’s flagship radar mosaic, NOWrad, depicting areas of rain, snow and mixed precipitation, along with cell tops and movement, graphical Metars and TAFs, plotted Sigmets and Airmets, will be part of the InFlight aviation service. “Integrating WSI’s weather information and the WSI InFlight system with Collins Pro Line 21’s advanced information processing and display capabilities significantly increases flight crew situational awareness and enhances their proactive decision-making ability,” said Bryan Vester, senior director of marketing and strategic development for Rockwell Collins.