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Rockwell to provide cabin avionics for Global 5000

 - June 30, 2008, 8:51 AM

Bombardier Aerospace and Rockwell Collins have agreed to develop the new Airshow 21 integrated cabin avionics for Bombardier’s new Global 5000. Airshow 21’s Ethernet-based local area network (LAN) will give users “off-board” data connections, as well as access to printers, fax machines and shared files. For the Global 5000, Airshow 21 will be enhanced by the addition of a wireless LAN to permit users to maintain connections while moving about the cabin. As audio- and video-on-demand become available, digital audio and movie content tailored to the passengers’ desires will also be provided. Collins’ SAT-906 will permit secure voice and data communication worldwide and the addition of Collins’ HST-900 high-speed transceiver will allow access to Internet and corporate e-mail accounts.