FAA Medical Durations Extended for Younger Pilots

 - July 24, 2008, 12:04 PM

The FAA today issued an InFO (information for operators) that specifies the extended duration of first- and third-class medicals for pilots under age 40. Effective today, the agency will extend the duration of third-class medicals from 36 calendar months to 60 calendar months (five years) and first-class medicals from six calendar months to 12 calendar months for pilots under age 40. According to AOPA, current and expired medical certificates are grandfathered under this rule. “This is welcome news for the GA industry,” noted AOPA president Phil Boyer. “AOPA supported the FAA’s move that makes it easier and more affordable for younger pilots to fly.” The second-class medical duration remains at 12 calendar months, regardless of pilot age. For pilots over age 40, the first- and third-class medicals are still valid for only six and 24 calendar months, respectively. Medical certificates that have already been issued and those being issued within the next month won’t reflect the new regulatory language, but they will nonetheless fall under the new duration rules, AOPA said.