NTSB: Hawker Crashed on Go-around

 - August 5, 2008, 11:34 AM

The East Coast Jets-operated Hawker 800A that crashed Thursday morning at Owatonna (Minn.) Degner Regional Airport, killing all eight on board, briefly touched down on 5,500-foot Runway 30 before the crew decided to abort the landing and attempt a go-around. “The airplane did land and for some reason the flight crew made the decision to take off again,” said NTSB investigator Steven Chealander. On the go-around, the chartered jet’s right wing hit the airport’s localizer antenna, starting the accident sequence. “The airplane was still on the ground when it hit that antenna,” Chealander noted. According to the Safety Board, the Hawker then broke apart and came to rest in a cornfield northwest of the airport. The twinjet’s cockpit voice recorder has been recovered and was sent to the NTSB’s labs in Washington, D.C., for analysis. Severe weather was reported in the area during the time of the accident, and the Hawker crew did dodge a storm cell while on approach, according to radar data from Flight Explorer. However, the NTSB has not yet ruled anything out and is “looking at all aspects of the flight.”