West Star Aviation Serves Growing Conquest SID Market

 - August 6, 2008, 9:31 AM

Grand Junction, Colo.-based West Star Aviation has completed Supplemental Inspection Document (SID) inspections on 27 Cessna Conquest II twin turboprops, ensuring that the airframe is free of corrosion, cracks, debonding, abnormal wear and other anomalies. The SID involves a series of airframe inspections, including removal of the stabilizers, control surfaces, engines and instrument panel, detailed inspections of the structure, especially portions that are usually not inspectable, and in the Conquest I demating of the wings. “It’s pretty invasive,” said Russ Williams, in charge of business development for West Star, which offers the SID inspection at its three bases in Colorado; East Alton, Ill.; and Dallas. The Conquest II SID takes about 10 calendar weeks and costs between $165,000 and $215,000. SID inspections are due by September 1 for the Conquest II and December 1 for the Conquest I, although West Star can help owners obtain extensions provided certain criteria are met. “We have not seen any alarming inspection results, which we’re comforted to know,” Williams said.