Sentient Flight Group Completes Reorganization

 - August 7, 2008, 12:44 PM

Sentient Flight Group on Tuesday announced organizational changes as part of a refocusing of its long-term business plan. “When Sentient and JetDirect first came together, we established a fully integrated personal air travel company, offering jet cards, charter and complete aircraft management services,” Sentient chairman Greg Campbell said. “We [built] a structure that provided optimal air safety and ensured full regulatory compliance.” However, he added, a “fully integrated organization did not effectively support the differing business requirements of the products. That strained our financial resources and dictated changes in our organizational structure.” These new organizational changes separate Sentient’s aviation service offerings into discrete business units. Jake Cartwright, the new president and CEO of Sentient Flight Group, will have responsibility for all facets of the business, including flight operations, maintenance, client services, finance, sales and marketing and aircraft acquisition and sales. Three additional operating units were also created: Sentient Jet Membership; JetDirect FBO operations; and JetCorp, its St. Louis-based maintenance services unit. “This reorganization streamlines service delivery around our various lines of business,” according to Campbell.