EASA OKs 100-foot DH for EVS-equipped Gulfstreams

 - August 26, 2008, 11:17 AM

Gulfstream pilots flying in Europe with the Kollsman enhanced-vision system (EVS) are now permitted to descend below published instrument approach minimums to a decision height of 100 feet after the EASA adopted standards equivalent to those used in the U.S. since 2004. The European Aviation Safety Agency approved the operational landing credit for Gulfstreams equipped with the HUD-based EVS, a change that allows pilots to continue their landing approach to the reduced height if they can see the approach lights and runway environment using the EVS infrared view. U.S. operators flying in and out of Europe can immediately take advantage of the new rule–EU-OPS 1.430(h)–while European operators must first obtain operational approval from their home country. More than 400 Gulfstreams have been equipped with EVS. Similar approvals for other EVS-equipped business jets are expected. Meanwhile, Gulfstream said that in the fourth quarter EVS II will be standard on new-production G550s and G450s and available as an option on G500s and G350s. EVS II is 22 pounds lighter, features four times the computational power and has four times the memory of its predecessor.