Handler Performs Ramp Gymnastics at Beijing Airport

 - August 28, 2008, 11:56 AM

In a unique contractual situation, Jet Aviation handled ground operations for two FBOs at Beijing Capital International Airport during the just-concluded Olympics. Beijing Business Aviation Center (BAC), a joint venture among Jet Aviation, China’s Deer Jet and a minority investor, opened its doors on August 4, four days before the Olympics opening ceremonies. However, Capital Jet FBO, owned by the Chinese government’s Capital Airport Holdings, opened its doors one week earlier. According to Jet Aviation senior vice president of group business development David Paddock, because of his company’s experience and expertise it was contracted by the Chinese government to handle ground operations for the Olympics, including staffing both FBOs. Under the terms of the agreement, all business aircraft passengers were routed through customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) at the Capital Jet FBO. Flight crews were processed either through Capital Jet or Beijing BAC, which also had a CIQ station, depending upon availability. The latter FBO also handled a number of high-ranking Chinese government flights. In all, the team handled 470 business jets during the Olympics.