ServiceElements Offering Quality Audits

 - September 17, 2008, 11:19 AM

Training provider ServiceElements launched a service delivery audit program that is designed to help business aviation maintenance and other aviation service providers find and solve service-delivery problems. The company has been developing the audit program for the past three years. Safety and operational audits are common in aviation, said Mario Martinez, vice president for innovation, “but one area we have not specifically focused on is customer service integration. Technical proficiency is no longer enough in our industry. Service is now a critical issue for survival of your business or organization.” The ServiceElements audit gathers information from on-site observation; phone and face-to-face interviews with company leaders, managers and front-line workers; focus groups, to capture customer wants and needs; and surveys. The goal is to uncover service challenges the provider faces, including analyzing customer perceptions of the service they receive and consistency in service delivery.