NBAA Convention News

Starling broadband antenna takes wing

 - September 30, 2008, 6:58 AM

Starling Advanced Communications, an Israeli company specializing in Ku broadband antenna systems, is at NBAA’08 Booth No. 868 featuring its latest product for in-flight data transmission and reception, a new “light and powerful” low-profile antenna aimed at the business jet and regional airline market.

Starling is displaying its full line of MIJET antenna systems based on the company’s CoMPA (coherent multi-panel antenna) technology. The latest, MIJETLite, was introduced last month at the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) convention in Long Beach, Calif. It is a single-panel, lightweight antenna that, according to Starling, provides “high-performance bidirectional global Ku-band connectivity at a highly competitive cost.”

The MIJETLite antenna supports a multi-user environment on board the aircraft to offer passengers a wide selection of in-flight communication and entertainment packages, including Internet, e-mail, instant messaging, online gaming and multimedia. It is the heart of an installation that gives travelers the option of using their own mobile devices during flight, accessing applications such as virtual private network, voice-over-IP calling and video-on-demand as well as for downloading large files.

This most recent addition to the MIJET family joins the air transport MIJET antenna, described by Starling as “the world’s fastest Ku-band fuselage-mounted antenna for commercial aircraft,” and the MiniMIJET antenna system for long-range, medium and light- to medium-sized business aircraft. Starling expects MiniMIJET certification for bizjet and regional airliner service by year-end.

MIJETLite, says the company, is specifically designed as a lower cost solution to air transport and regional airline onboard communication needs, with data transmission and reception at “true broadband bit rates” through an extremely lightweight, low-profile antenna whose low drag profile promises reduced fuel costs. The design is said to optimize ease and reduce the expense of its installation on the aircraft fuselage. Starling bills MIJETLite as “the lightest Ku-band antenna available today for commercial aircraft.”