NBAA Convention News

Aerospace Optics intros online ordering tool

 - October 1, 2008, 7:15 AM

Aerospace Optics of Forth Worth, Texas, the manufacturer of Vivisun mil-spec lighted pushbutton switches and programmable displays, is here at NBAA presenting its Web-based Vivisun Configurator, an online part specification system.

The configurator allows customers to specify complete part numbers for their orders and request quotes anytime, simplifying and speeding the ordering process, according to the company. The configurator also provides a quick and easy way to select the enclosure, actuation, legend and ground and termination type, as well as optional upgrades such as electromagnetic shielding for the selected part.

“We are always looking for opportunities to simplify our order process, and judging from what we are hearing, the configuator is exceeding all expectations,” said Craig Morgan, the maker’s vice president of sales.

Aerospace Optics is also displaying the latest extension of its Vivisun product line, the Vivisun LR3, a one- by 1.2-inch LED switch, here at the convention.

“The Vivisun LR3 provides a rectangular pushbutton switch in a space-saving package,” said Morgan. “With a larger face than the standard Vivisun LED, the LR3’s added surface space allows it to support increased character capacity and improved readability. It’s an ideal choice for airframe manufacturers in the all-important Master Caution and Master Warning areas.”

Similar to the standard Vivisun LEDs, the LR3 is available in 11 sunlight-readable colors, greatly expanding application flexibility. The larger LR3 switch is night-vision compliant, has voltage controlled dimming and low power consumption, draining a maximum of only 0.054 amps at 28 VDC. It is immune to voltage spikes, lightning transients and electrostatic discharge, and its termination system uses the CTS Quik-Connect to enable easy harness wiring.