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Skytrax 3X GPS tracker certified for various Bell models

 - October 1, 2008, 6:46 AM

Canadian electronics manufacturer Guardian Mobility Co. (Booth No. 1165) has received FAA STC approval for installation of the company’s Skytrax 3X GPS tracking system in Bell 205A, 205A-1, 212, 214B and 214B-1 helicopters.

The latest in the Skytrax family of aircraft tracking systems, Skytrax 3X incorporates a satellite transmitter, GPS receiver and antenna components in a single unit. Measuring approximately eight- by five- by one inches and weighing less than two pounds, the Skytrax 3X unit can be quickly and permanently attached to aircraft outer surfaces.
Introduced in February, Skytrax 3X is also STC approved on the Cessna 208/208B and Beech 1900/1900C. The Skytrax 3X unit lists for $1,995, which does not include monthly airtime charges or the subscription to the bundled Maptracs Web-based mapping software.

Airtime plans start at 15 cents per transmission, and no contracts are required. Guardian’s Skytrax message processing service is compatible with automated flight following services. Data is stored on the Guardian’s message server for six months at no charge, and can be downloaded at anytime during that period.