NBAA Convention News

GEN-X flight bag meets Class 2 and 3 standards

 - October 2, 2008, 4:32 AM

The GEN-X electronic flight bag (EFB) made by DAC International and displayed at NBAA Booth No. 2666 attained parts manufacturer approval (PMA) from the FAA, the company announced.

Mike Crouch, president of DAC International, said the GEN-X is priced competitively with Class 2 products and meets Class 2 EFB standards, yet can also be installed as a Class 3 device for easy removal. The GEN-X supports Windows-based applications and a suite of EFB functions that are controlled almost entirely with the unit’s touch screen. The EFB’s only hard buttons are for power and brightness control. Its hard drive is rated to 50,000 feet.

Jeff Ariens, DAC International’s director of marketing for EFB and electronic charting, said that the touch screen design gives customers more flexibility to run third-party software, and that its intuitive use lowers the cost of training. “The Class 3 PMA’d solution relieves much of the burden otherwise placed on airlines and their principal inspectors for Class 2 devices carrying no certifications,” said Ariens, who described the GEN-X as a “true avionics-grade EFB.”

The company’s software suite for the GEN-X is called Genesys, and supports digital charts from Jeppesen, Lido or Maptech. Software modules include weather, checklists, cameras, performance reports and the management and update of publications.