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Low-cost altimeter aimed at bizav market

 - October 5, 2008, 6:42 AM

FreeFlight Systems announced that FAA certification was awarded in August for its RA 4000 radar altimeter, a package listed at $8,665 that consists of a remote antenna and dual antennas for more precise altitude information from zero to 2,000 feet agl. Tim Taylor, president and CEO of FreeFlight, said the RA 4000 is easy to set and its ability to provide the height above terrain to surface level adds a dimension of safety to flight in low-visibility conditions. FreeFlight is showing the RA 4000 at its booth (No. 1481) here in Orlando.

Robert Schneier, COO of FreeFlight, said “cost is no longer an obstacle” for a device that can add situational awareness to a “broad range” of aircraft types. He added that the list price of the RA 4000 is competitive enough to lure pilots flying aircraft of any size, but cited its match specifically to the Eclipse 500 very light jet. Schneier added that the product carries a two-year warranty.

The RA 4000 was certified to technical standard order C87 and is the first of a series of new radar altimeters that FreeFlight plans to roll out in the next year, designed to make approaches safer as well as reduce the risks of night flying and operations above irregular terrain. The new model complements the company’s 3000 series of radar altimeters.