NBAA Convention News

Oklahoma firm breathes new life into Challengers

 - October 5, 2008, 3:17 PM

Capital Aviation in Bethany, Okla., is at Booth No. 4442 displaying what it can do to make older Canadair/Bombardier Challengers look and perform like new Challenger 605s.

The Reflections refurbishment program incorporates several Capital-owned STCs to give Challenger 600 through 604 corporate jets “the looks of a new 605 inside and out, for a fraction of the price.”

Reflections flight deck equipment options from Universal Avionics include four EFI-890R EFIS screens and a Vision 1 synthetic-vision system, along with a terrain awareness and warning system and dual GPS WAAS-capable flight management systems.

Behind the front office, the cabin can get a new Challenger 605-style shell with “wide cabin feel” and a nine- to 12-passenger floor plan. Other new 605-style amenities include galley and lavatory, pocket doors, new cup rails and tables, LED wash lighting, trim and a variety of passenger entertainment system features.
Capital will wrap it all in a new exterior paint application. Base price of the Reflections program begins at less than $2 million, dependent upon selection of options and existing aircraft equipment.