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Rockwell Collins lands orders for cockpit and cabin systems

 - October 5, 2008, 3:40 PM

Gulfstream’s new G250 super-midsize jet is the latest to feature Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion avionics suite. With three 15-inch displays and dual multifunction controllers that incorporate standby instrumentation, the G250 system–dubbed PlaneView250 by Gulfstream–also offers optional installation of Rockwell Collins’ HGS-6250 head-up guidance system. First deliveries of the G250 are planned in 2011.

The avionics maker yesterday also announced it has scored two new positions for its high-definition Venue cabin management system–in Hawker Beechcraft’s new Hawker 450XP and King Air 350i models. Venue mirrors “a high-end digital home entertainment environment in the airplane” and provides a “digital lifestyle approach,” according to Rockwell Collins.

By building the Venue system around a software-based, database-driven architecture, changes and upgrades can easily be made using Rockwell Collins’ cabin-configuration tool. Venue runs on its own Ethernet backbone separate from the avionics databuses so the entertainment and avionics system don’t affect each other.

Referring to the King Air system, Andrew Mohr, Rockwell Collins’ director of cabin systems, said, “In the past there’s been little to no entertainment choices for that class of aircraft. Now it’s the most advanced turboprop.”

In the 350i, Venue includes high-definition video from Blu-ray discs and Xbox 360 game consoles; the Rockwell Collins media center device, which offers integrated features like Blu-ray disc player, CD and MP3 player, audio and video jukebox, optional Airshow moving map with XM weather overlay, games and front-port USB connector; 10.6-inch seat displays and 15.3-inch bulkhead displays; digital audio-on-demand, which allows users to play personal music libraries; programmable switch panels; iPod and iPhone integration; and personal device support.

The Hawker 450XP Venue system employs many of the same features as the 350i. Hawker Beechcraft also chose Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line 21 avionics system for the 450 cockpit. It will include dual FMS-6000s with WAAS LPV approach capability as well as Rockwell Collins’ new TSS-4100 integrated TCAS/mode-S transponder system.

Rockwell Collins is currently working with the FAA to certify its first FMS WAAS LPV approach capability for the FMS 4000 in the Bombardier Challenger 604. Certification is expected next year. The company is also discussing the next WAAS LPV programs with other airframers, but hasn’t yet decided which it will certify next after the 604.
Rockwell Collins is celebrating its 75th year since Art Collins founded the company to build HF radios for Admiral Richard Byrd’s South Pole expedition. “That innovation continued for 75 years, including Neil Armstrong communicating from the Moon using a Rockwell Collins radio,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager of business and regional systems.