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WingPoints card rewards frequent Phillips buyers

 - October 5, 2008, 4:51 AM

Phillips 66 Aviation has launched a reward program for buyers of Phillips 66 fuel, with an added bonus of double rewards when buyers use their Phillips 66 Aviation credit card. The new WingPoints program is flexible in that rewards are in the form of debit or gift cards usable at dozens of retailers, and the rewards can be given to anyone in the fuel-buying company.

WingPoints reward levels begin at 20,000 points ($25 reward). Those points accumulate twice as fast when using a Phillips 66 Aviation or any ConocoPhillips credit card for aviation fuel purchases. Reward levels climb to 35,000 points for a $50 card and 60,000 points for a $100 reward. “Unlike other loyalty programs,” said program manager Kelvin Covington, “the WingPoints card lets you reward yourself with things you actually want and can use right away.”

Users can join WingPoints for free by filling out a form online, but reward points begin accumulating with the first purchase of fuel from a participating Phillips 66 Aviation dealer.

Flight departments can distribute rewards to anyone in the company, not just the pilots who buy fuel. And multiple WingPoints memberships can be linked, for example, by all the pilots in one flight department, into a master account to accumulate rewards faster.

FBOs can use WingPoints to their advantage by offering special bonus points to customers or WingPoints contests.