NBAA Convention News

Banyan Wires BBJ for WiFi

 - October 6, 2008, 8:14 AM

Banyan Avionics, exhibiting at Booth No. 4664, announced the installation of a high-speed data and WiFi suite in a Boeing Business Jet, performed at the customer’s home hangar during downtime for a maintenance inspection. The project began by installing a Honeywell HD-710 satellite communication system and EMS Satcom CNX-200 router to retrofit the existing Honeywell Model MCS-6000 satcom system. Banyan also replaced the original Magnastar telephone system with the Iridium-based ICS-200 and six wireless handsets supplied by International Communications Group. Brian Wilson, director of avionics at Banyan, said the project was enabled by the company’s new travel team, which performs service at the customer site to save their fuel cost. It accepts payment in euros or local currency if advantageous to the customer.