NBAA Convention News

Citation X winglet mod moves forward

 - October 6, 2008, 3:21 PM

Winglet Technology reports “significant progress” toward FAA certification of its Cessna Citation X elliptical winglet modification. Announced at NBAA’07 in Atlanta, the program has moved through full-scale wing static test to installation of the modification kit and production winglets on Cessna’s test aircraft.

Winglet Technology is at Booth No. 4019 describing the performance enhancements the modification brings to the Citation X, including a 4- to 5-percent reduction in fuel burn on long-range missions and an increase in maximum range of 150 nm. Citation X cruise speed at FL410 and above will be up to 15 knots greater.

The winglets make it possible for the aircraft to climb directly to FL450 at max takeoff weight without the step-climb required of non-winglet-equipped Citation Xs. Along with time to climb to FL430 reduced from 26 to 22 minutes, the elliptical winglet mod allows an increase of up to 1,200 pounds in takeoff weight in hot/high departure conditions.

Static test of the winglet is under way and is expected to be completed this month along with remaining electrical system and exterior lighting flight testing. The Wichita designer of elliptical winglets for business jets and transport category aircraft said it expects receipt of an FAA STC next June.