Epic Aircraft Forges Ahead

 - October 6, 2008, 12:01 PM

Epic Aircraft plans to certify the Victory and Escape prototypes in the U.S., according to chairman and CEO Rick Schrameck. The company is still pursuing certification of the Dynasty turboprop single in Canada, but has not released a timeline for the certification. Epic has completed 300 hours of testing on the Dynasty to date. “We love Canada, but we’re Americans,” Schrameck said, adding that Epic will pursue certification of the jet single Victory and turboprop single Escape under Part 23 rules for aircraft under 6,000 pounds. He also said the Victory and Escape certification will “probably jump ahead” of the Elite twinjet, the prototype of which is still a hostage in Tbilisi, Georgia, following the Russian invasion. In addition, the company is dividing into two individual, wholly owned businesses. The experimental product group will consist of Epic Air and aircraft completions services (ACS), and the technology group will consist of aerostructure composites, design R&D and certifications. Schrameck said the company is separating so the FAA can “better define what we do.”