NBAA Convention News

Runway analysis goes mobile

 - October 6, 2008, 8:04 AM

The Aircraft Performance Group (Booth No. 4688) on Monday announced that its runway analysis program with weight-and-balance system will be available for use on mobile devices, using the company’s new Mobile Performance WB software. The APG software is on display here at NBAA’08 and will be available for hands-on demonstrations.

The company developed the initial software to run on an electronic flight bag or laptop, using a Windows operating system. A second version will run on smart phones and PDAs. Neither version will require Internet connectivity.

“Having a mobile device that can perform a runway analysis integrated with a weigh-and-balance calculation, all within one program, not only ensures an accurate takeoff weight limit and correct aircraft loading, but also allows pilots to make last-minute changes with a few keystrokes,” said company cofounder Mark Thelen.