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Satcom filter integrates communication systems

 - October 6, 2008, 8:16 AM

Thrane & Thrane introduced an Iridium satcom system filter to eliminate the effects an Inmarsat satcom system might have on an Iridium system installed in the same aircraft. It will enable the simultaneous use of Inmarsat and Iridium voice/data communication systems.

By combining both systems onboard the same aircraft, passengers can benefit from low-cost, multichannel calls using Iridium as well as high-data speed provided by Inmarsat SwiftBroadband systems such as Aero-SB Lite and Aero-SB+.
Until now, system providers haven’t found a solution to the complex problems commonly encountered with integrating both systems. A transmitting Inmarsat system is capable of disabling an Iridium system, which could result in detrimental effects on customers’ voice calls.

With the use of the Thrane & Thrane filter, the Inmarsat and Iridium antennas can be installed with closer proximity, meaning smaller aircraft can take advantage of the system integration.

Thrane & Thrane (Booth No. 3466) said the unique structure of its SwiftBroadband systems make it the only manufacturer that offers this solution, which enables customers to take full advantage of the benefits provided by combining both systems, without impacting the performance of either service.

Meanwhile, Thrane & Thrane has widened the possibilities of SwiftBroadband with the introduction of the flexible new Aero-SB Lite system. Aero-SB Lite harnesses the power of the Internet, e-mail, VPN, fax and telephony in one compact and lightweight package.

Its SwiftBroadband data channel offers users a choice of streaming data on a pay-per-minute basis or background data where the operator is charged only for data used. Coupled with built-in Wi-Fi capability and VoIP (voice-over Internet protocol) technology, where users can talk on Thrane & Thrane’s VoIP handset or their own compatible handsets, Aero-SB Lite becomes a very attractive option for business aircraft operators.

Previously, complete communications solutions have been available only for larger aircraft due to high initial investment, expensive usage and large, heavy antennas. But Aero-SB Lite can use an intermediate-gain antenna to ensure a lightweight package with low profile/drag and small antenna footprint on the fuselage, making it suitable for use on light aircraft. For users requiring the highest performance from their SwiftBroadband service, the Aero- SB Lite system can also be installed with a high-gain antenna.

Aero-SB Lite is available as a standalone system but can also be integrated with Aircell’s Iridium-based Axxess system.

Thrane & Thrane is also unveiling its VoIP handset and new upgrade opportunities for Aero-M and Aero-I customers.

The flexible, specially adapted handset has been designed to enable users to take full advantage of a variety of voice services offered by Thrane & Thrane SwiftBroadband products. Users of Aero-M and Aero-I systems, both of which are similar in size and use the same TT-5006A antenna as the Aero-SB Lite, can benefit from an easy and cost-effective upgrade that will significantly enhance their systems.

By choosing to upgrade to Aero-SB Lite, customers can take advantage of data speeds up to 332 kbps; a significant increase in speed compared with the 2.4 kbps that the Aero-M and I systems currently offer.