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XOJet enrolls Citation X fleet in R-R maintenance service

 - October 6, 2008, 3:14 PM

Rolls-Royce (Booth No. 2940) announced here yesterday that charter and aircraft management provider XOJet has enrolled its entire fleet of 48 Rolls-Royce-powered Cessna Citation X twinjets in the engine manufacturer’s CorporateCare services program.

Under terms of the agreement, all of XOJet’s AE3007C1-powered Citation Xs will be covered by 10-year engine maintenance and management service controls. Worldwide, more than 80 percent of the AE3007-powered corporate jet fleet is supported by the CorporateCare engine service and 24/7 monitoring program.

Under terms of the CorporateCare contract, Rolls-Royce manages all engine maintenance, repair and overhaul activity, as well as engine data collection and analysis. Rolls-Royce also offers long-term CorporateCare contracts for its BR725, BR710 and RB282 engines. The AE3007C engine model has surpassed two million flight hours in service on the Citation X.

XOJet anticipates a total fleet size of 128 aircraft, valued at $3.1 billion, by 2012. The company’s San Carlos, Calif.-based fleet is the world’s largest single fleet of that aircraft type.

In other news from Rolls-Royce, the company signed its first long-term CorporateCare agreement to support the BR725-powered Gulfstream 650. The big twin-jet will belong to private investment management firm Berwind. The G650 is due to enter service in 2012.

At the signing were Rolls-Royce director of sales Peter Ballard, Berwind director of aviation Kevin Boardman, Rolls-Royce  executive v-p of customer business Scott Shannon and Rolls Royce v-p of aftermarket business Steve Friedrich.