NBAA Convention News

Korry Makes the Switch for HondaJet

 - October 7, 2008, 10:31 AM

Korry Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Corp., is at Booth No. 2976 showing the cockpit control panels it has been selected to supply for the HondaJet. Korry will provide 12 control panels per aircraft to Honda Aircraft Co. to complement the HondaJet’s all-glass flight deck. Each panel features 5⁄8-inch
LED switches with lightplates. Korry is also spotlighting its Opticon low-profile cockpit control technology designed for incorporation by aircraft OEMs. The devices feature compact solid-state switching and digital interface to minimize space and wiring requirements. Korry claims that the Opticon technology will save 50 percent of the weight of conventional cockpit control arrays.