NBAA Convention News

Lou Martin Touts Composites Companies

 - October 7, 2008, 10:28 AM

Louis Martin wants his company, Technical Composites Corp., to “seek its own level in the industry,” as a distinct and growing brand, though still connected in service philosophy and ownership to Lou Martin & Associates, his composite business. Martin is discussing the capabilities of both brands from his booth (No. 4281), as well as marking his 30th year in service. Martin’s staff of fabricators and engineers will grow from 20 to at least 25, and he’ll add a flat-panel press to his facilities near San Antonio Airport. Specialty materials span Divinycell, Nomex, Phenolic and Kevlar that will be used to fabricate composite window reveals and shade systems, panel shells and flat sheets for both business jets and commercial airliners such as Airbus and Fokker.

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