NBAA Convention News

Sagem ICDS approved for Commander 690

 - October 7, 2008, 1:56 PM

Dallas-based Sagem Avionics (Booth No. 4287) announced it has received a supplemental type certificate for installation of its ICDS glass-cockpit avionics suite in the Commander 690 turboprop. According to the company, the multifunction display suite is particularly user friendly and considerably reduces the pilot’s workload and increases situational awareness and safety.

The avionics suite is available with two, three or four 10-inch color active-matrix liquid-crystal displays. It provides primary flight instruments, engine instruments, moving maps, CAS advisories, a terrain obstacle proximity system and a warning/caution system. In addition, it integrates with radars and a traffic advisory system and offers the capability of adding a wide assortment of other avionics.
The avionics suite STC wasn’t Sagem’s only news at the show: The company also announced that it is working with Burlingame, Calif.-based JetDirect Aviation (Booth No. 2629) to establish a flight operational quality assurance (FOQA) program tailored to the needs of corporate flight departments.