NBAA Convention News

Thales demos simulation tool for business aircraft cockpits

 - October 7, 2008, 7:50 AM

Thales is demonstrating for the first time at an NBAA Convention its new iDeck “avionics prototyping, advanced system simulation tool.” The simulation platform lets airframers and their customers design, validate and test their future avionics suite configurations and functionality before entering full-scale development.

It is a “pilot-centric” design that maximizes the outcomes and benefits of the definition, evaluation and test phases for a future cockpit, according to Thales.
The iDeck is based on a generic hardware platform, connected to a simulated aircraft environment, including complete phases of flight and integrating complete sets of subsystems and functions such as an interactive flight management system, terrain awareness and warning, head-up display, digital map and cockpit controls. It can be customized to match each customer man-machine interface cockpit concept to allow early validation of the complete and coherent cockpit ergonomics.

The demonstration iDeck at NBAA’08 is featured in a business jet configuration, including side-stick, nosewheel steering, rudder pedals, autothrottle and spoiler and landing gear levers.

For software development, Thales engineers are using the same comprehensive suite of software tools used during the actual development of the future certifiable avionics by running prototype versions of the operational software on the iDeck. It also allows Thales to gain a thorough understanding of current and future operational requirements.