OurPlane Makes Play for Former DayJet Eclipse 500s

 - October 23, 2008, 12:05 PM

London, Ontario-based OurPlane–a fractional provider of “new light aircraft,” including Cirrus SR22 piston singles and one Eclipse 500–today made a bid to purchase the entire fleet of 28 Eclipse 500s formerly operated by DayJet. OurPlane, which also has a separate standing order for 21 Eclipse very light jets, said it submitted a “fair offer reflecting the current market value for the Eclipse jets.” Company president and CEO Graham Casson told AIN that the bid is more than JetsAmerica’s previous offer of $500,000 each but less than $1.5 million apiece. If its bid is accepted, OurPlane plans immediately to begin selling quarter shares in the jets for less than $449,000, with the first ones likely to be based at its locations in Southern California and the New York City area. Additionally, Casson said the very light jets would enter service in the first quarter next year after their interiors are upgraded to the LX version and, at minimum, the DayJet logos are removed from their exteriors. OurPlane, which has 12 locations across the U.S. and Canada, is “confident that Eclipse will follow through in the final modifications and refurbishment that are due on these and all Eclipse aircraft.”