Cessna Adjusting Jet Delivery Schedule, Workforce

 - November 6, 2008, 10:43 AM

“Due to continued softening in the global economic environment,” Cessna Aircraft is revising the Citation jet production schedule for next year, according to a statement from Textron, Cessna’s parent company. Textron had previously expected Cessna to ship 535 Citations next year, but now predicts that jet deliveries in 2009 will be only “up slightly” from the 475 planned this year. According to Textron chairman, president and CEO Lewis Campbell, the move to “evaluate the proper level of jet production and deliveries [will] avoid significant variations and inefficiencies in annual production.” In a letter sent to employees on Tuesday, Cessna chairman, president and CEO Jack Pelton said, “The plan will include an increase in the number of Mustang deliveries and a decrease in some of the other Citation models” next year. “Regretfully, these changes to our 2009 production schedules, as well as reduced aircraft utilization, will result in a need to reduce our current workforce level,” he added. However, Pelton pledged that “aggressive cost reductions, redeployment of people, voluntary separations” and other measures would precede involuntary layoffs. Meanwhile, Cessna announced today that sales of its Caravan turboprop single are still strong. It is on track to deliver 105 Caravans this year and increase to an expected 120 deliveries next year.