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Airbus touts range and space of its VIP bizliner family

 - November 16, 2008, 8:00 AM

The Al Jaber Aviation order for ACJ and Elite members of the Airbus business jet family announced Sunday (see page one) marks the first in the Middle East to specify long-range fuel tanks, giving longer legs for operations from Dubai or Abu Dhabi.  From the smallest in the Airbus range based on the A318, to the giant A380 Prestige, the ability to offer nonstop flights between major cities adds to the attraction of aircraft that set the highest standards of comfort.

Both these qualities will be appreciated by guests on board the aircraft, but the modern user-friendly cockpits with their fly-by-wire controls, standard Category 3B autoland and centralized maintenance linked to every aircraft system, adds to the safety and reliability expected of market leaders in big business jets.

The airliner-derived VIP jets offer customers both maximum possible cabin space in their respective size categories and true intercontinental range. The new A350XWB Prestige, for instance, can effectively fly between any two parts of the world nonstop. The multi-section cabins mean that the aircraft can double as a flying office/hotel/home for serious globe-trotters.

Being based on high-utilization commercial aircraft, the bizliner class of aircraft offer more cost-effective maintenance, repair and overhaul cycles than traditional business jets. The Airbus models are now boasting an operational reliability level of 99.9 percent. Operators can take advantage of the manufacturer’s extensive worldwide airline product support network, as well as turning to specialist authorized service providers such as Associated Air Center, Jet Aviation, Lufthansa Technik, Qatar Airways and TAM Jatos Executivos.