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Europeans Partner with Elite Aviation

 - November 16, 2008, 7:03 AM

Real Executive is to start a new venture in the United Arab Emirates based at the City Airport Abu Dhabi. There it will be partnered with Elite Aviation and initially draw on the existing fleet comprising a Challenger 601 and Falcon 900EX Easy. These will shortly be joined by a Global Express and Gulfstream 200 and there are plans to add a Gulfstream 150 in January.

The operation will be controlled from Zurich, where Mauricio Dellocchio is based, and he has been joined as a partner by Barcelona-based Patricio Zunino as the CEO in Spain. An executive has yet to be appointed to run the Abu Dhabi operation, but Elite Aviation will help the project to get going, pending the possible addition of more aircraft as the business grows in the UAE.