Former FAA Administrator for DOT Secretary?

 - November 20, 2008, 11:05 AM

Jane Garvey, the first female FAA Administrator and the first agency boss to serve a full congressionally mandated five-year term, is joining the six-member transition team advising President-elect Barack Obama on transportation issues. After her tenure as FAA Administrator ended, she joined the Washington lobby firm APCO Worldwide, where she became executive vice president of its transportation practice. Garvey, who is already being mentioned as a successor to Bush Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, currently serves as the chairwoman of the Capital-to-Capital Coalition, which advocates for nonstop commercial air service between Beijing and Washington Dulles International Airport. She also serves on the board at Mitre and the Flight Safety Foundation, and resigned from the board of Bombardier this week. As recently as the AOPA Expo earlier this month, Garvey was on a panel of “Washington insiders” who shared their insight into what the November 4 election results could mean for GA. Interestingly, incoming AOPA president Craig Fuller most recently was an executive vice president at APCO Worldwide.