Victims File Lawsuit in S.C. Learjet Accident

 - November 25, 2008, 11:28 AM

Travis Barker and Thelma Martin Still have filed a lawsuit in the California Superior Court following the September 19 overrun crash in Columbia, S.C., of a Learjet 60 operated by Global Exec Aviation of Long Beach, Calif. Four people were killed in the accident, including Thelma’s son, Charles Monroe Still Jr.; Chris Baker; and pilots Sarah Lemmon and James Bland. The lawsuit alleges that Clay Lacy Aviation of Van Nuys, Calif., brokered the flight. Defendants in the lawsuit are Global Exec Aviation, Clay Lacy Aviation, Inter Travel and Services (ITS, owner of the Learjet), Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Bombardier and up to 100 defendants still to be named. The lawsuit alleges that “as the pilots of the accident aircraft approached V1 speed they became aware of one or more of the tires having failed. Rather than proceed to takeoff, they negligently decided to abort and/or reject the takeoff.” The Learjet, the lawsuit alleges, was “unreasonably dangerous” because of defective design and other problems.