Schedulers & Dispatchers Numbers Down, Energy Up

 - January 20, 2009, 9:58 AM

NBAA’s 20th Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference, held in Long Beach, Calif., last week, attracted fewer attendees and exhibitors than last year’s meeting, but many who were there agreed that a high-quality crowd made participation well worthwhile. Total attendance was 2,027, down from 2,612 last year, and exhibitors numbered 335, 14 percent off last year’s 391. New this year were the presentation of the Schedulers & Dispatchers Outstanding Achievement Award, to Sharon Forbes of DuPont Aviation; a display of scheduling and dispatching memorabilia; and a new book–The Heritage–documenting the conference and the profession. The briefing about the TSA’s proposed large aircraft security regulations drew a standing-room-only crowd of attendees concerned about how the rules might affect their customers. Incoming NBAA schedulers and dispatchers committee chair Dorette Kerr, supervisor of flight administration for Deere & Company Aviation, plans to expand online training and help support smaller flight departments. One way of doing so could be strengthening support of regional scheduler and dispatcher groups.