Sabreliner Delivers 100th On-Time, On-Budget C-21A

 - January 28, 2009, 10:28 AM

Since Sabreliner performed the first C-21A Learjet Phase 16 inspection for the U.S. Air Force in 2001, the company has cycled 100 of the military version of the Learjet 35A through its Perryville, Mo. facilities, and all were delivered on time and on budget. The inspections were a combination of Phase 16, equivalent to the 12,000-hour inspection on civil Learjets, and Phase 14, the same as the Learjet 12-year inspection. The Phase 16 inspection includes demating the wings and fuselage, while the Phase 14 requires X-ray of the wings and fuselage. Sabreliner accomplished 61 Phase 16 inspections under subcontract to L-3 Vertex, then began the Phase 14 inspections in 2006 teamed with CSC, which then spun off that division. The new division became part of DynCorp International, which now holds the C-21A heavy maintenance contract. Sabreliner technicians have done 39 Phase 14 and 16 inspections under the DynCorp contract as well as depot-level maintenance for the C-21A fleet, which includes 38 Air Force and 18 Air National Guard Learjets.