Cessna: Business Aircraft Are Good for Businesses

 - February 12, 2009, 9:53 AM

Cessna Aircraft yesterday kicked off an initiative to debunk myths about business aircraft and outline how these machines make companies more competitive. “The reality of business aviation is a far cry from the misconception of CEOs flying in large, luxurious airplanes,” said Cessna chairman, president and CEO Jack Pelton. “Anyone who has ever seen managers board a business aircraft at dawn and return well after dark, having visited multiple cities and attended countless meetings in one day can attest to the fact that business aviation allows companies to get the most out of every minute of every day.” Small and medium-size companies fly about 85 percent of business aircraft, Pelton said, and the majority of the passengers are middle managers and technicians. The aircraft most often used by companies, he noted, are turboprops or light jets, adding that they are “fairly Spartan” and have small cabins. To amplify its pro-aircraft message, Cessna will run in trade and general media outlets advertisements with pro-business themes encouraging operators to keep flying business aircraft to demonstrate leadership in the face of economic challenge. The ads will also point out the increased productivity and efficiency gained by using business aircraft.