AAR Landing Gear Services Resumes Full Operations

 - February 25, 2009, 10:05 AM

The FAA returned the repair station certificate that it suspended from AAR Landing Gear Services on February 10, and the AAR division immediately resumed working on customer landing gears. While the FAA claimed that AAR “returned aircraft parts to service as being overhauled when they were not, and failed to perform required maintenance procedures,” the company filed a petition for review with the NTSB. The result was a February 13 consent order terminating the emergency order of suspension and calling for the FAA and AAR to “resolve all matters relating to the order and petition.” According to AAR, “Per the Consent Order, AAR will [now] perform liquid penetrant inspections for Boeing aircraft landing gear, in addition to the magnetic particle inspections that it had been performing previously. Additionally, in accordance with recent Boeing guidance applicable to all persons performing maintenance and overhauls on Boeing aircraft landing gear, AAR will re-inspect the Boeing aircraft landing gear currently at its facility using the liquid penetrant inspection process before releasing it to customers.”