MX Jet Service Receives Honeywell Line Designation

 - March 4, 2009, 10:28 AM

Last month Honeywell designated MX Jet Service an authorized line service provider for TFE731-series turbofans and 36-100 and -150 APUs. Under the designation, MX Jet technicians will be able to offer routine maintenance, on-wing troubleshooting and engine removal and installation, as well as help fulfill MSP claims and comply with service bulletins. MX Jet’s repair station certificate allows the company to offer maintenance on Falcon 10s through 50s, all Cessna Citations, King Airs and Hawkers, Learjets and Challengers, Gulfstream IIs and IIIs and the Westwinds that were an Elcorta specialty. A group led by Andrew Arcuri bought maintenance provider Elcorta at New Castle Airport in Wilmington, Del., a year ago and renamed the company MX Jet Service. Business is picking up, according to Arcuri, director of operations and sales. “We’re actually full for March,” he said. “January and February were light, but we’re starting to fill up.” Arcuri said MX Jet is conveniently located to offer Honeywell engine AOG support in the Northeast, as well as major sheet metal repairs.