Foley: Pre-owned Bizjet Market Could Stabilize Soon

 - March 17, 2009, 11:28 AM

Business aviation investor consultancy Brian Foley Associates is seeing signs that the pre-owned business jet market could bottom out as early as this summer. “That’s not to say there’ll be an immediate decrease, just that it won’t get much higher,” noted company president Brian Foley. “At the peak, inventory levels will meander for a few months before falling somewhat by year-end.” However, he said, nearly one in five of the world’s active business jet fleet soon will be up for sale, meaning the pre-owned inventory levels will be twice that considered normal. Foley also predicts that used prices will continue to drop after the inventory peak and then trough near year-end. “The most desirable equipment will slowly begin selling through the second half,” he said. According to Foley, the high inventory level market is being exacerbated by a number of used aircraft listed for sale that really aren’t. “Some owners with no real interest in selling list them for sale anyway…while others keep the plane for sale for political reasons. Either way they’re doing themselves and the real sellers a disservice by keeping supply artificially high, which results in further depressed prices,” he said.