Socata Launches TBM Co-ownership Program

 - March 24, 2009, 12:38 PM

Daher Socata is launching a TBM 850 co-ownership program dubbed, “Fly And Share your TBM” (Fast), with guaranteed operational availability for owner-pilots. For each one-third share of the single-turboprop business aircraft, 100 days of availability (meaning a maximum of 22 days of maintenance downtime) per year is guaranteed. Devised for two or three co-owners, the program calls for the partners to agree on time sharing. There is no management fee and no commitment for a number of flight hours. “For about $1 million, you get an annual 100 days of use,” a Socata spokesman summarized. The France-based manufacturer and its distributors can put would-be co-owners in touch. Included in Fast are services such as on-line flight scheduling, maintenance and subscriptions to charts. Optional services include hangar space, car rentals and aircraft insurance, among others. Aircraft crew are not included under the program. The company hopes the program will stimulate sales at a time when Socata already had to reassign several delivery slots for this year.