Single Point Solves Remote Maintenance Problems

 - March 25, 2009, 11:01 AM

Single Point Assist has launched a new AOG subscription service tailored for destinations in Asia and Latin America. Operators can register with the company on a monthly or yearly plan. Upon encountering a maintenance issue, subscribers contact Single Point Assist, which will dispatch a local technician, usually line mechanics from the airline industry, who can quickly diagnose and repair the problem. If the repair is more involved, the local technician will report what parts are required so they can be sent with a mechanic traveling to fix the problem. “We are not a directory service but an on-demand, hands-on solution to your maintenance issue,” said Single Point president Richard Gardner. In some of the company’s plans the initial service call and first hour of troubleshooting are included. Customers can also opt for Single Point’s pre-negotiated regional maintenance rates.