FAA Seeking Comment on Repair Spec Policy

 - April 8, 2009, 10:25 AM

The FAA has published draft Order 8300.14A, “Repair Specification Approval Procedures,” and is asking industry participants to comment on the document before making the policy final. The order defines responsibilities for FAA personnel and designees “engaged in approving new repair specifications for major repairs of…aircraft, airframe, engine, propeller, appliance or component parts.” In an effort to standardize how data for such repairs are approved, the FAA said, “It also provides a uniform methodology to review, evaluate and approve technical data supporting independently developed specifications and assess whether the certificate holder has appropriate housing, facilities, equipment and knowledgeable personnel to accomplish the repair properly.” The FAA pointed out that repair specifications aren’t mandatory but are useful for maintenance organizations that want to perform the same repair repetitively. A repair specification is also useful when there is no repair process for a particular repair in a manufacturer’s maintenance documents.