Chromalloy Plans $16.5 Million Tampa Expansion

 - April 22, 2009, 11:20 AM

Chromalloy, a supplier of components, PMA parts and specialized component repairs for turbine engines, is investing $16.5 million in an expansion of its Tampa engine component production facility to offer additional casting capabilities. According to Chromalloy president Armand Lauzon, Florida and Hillsborough County approved performance-based tax incentives totaling $585,000 for payment over a period of six years. “Our staff can work with original equipment manufacturers and directly with the operators to design components, develop the tooling and manufacturing concepts and manage the entire supply chain process to deliver complete, engine-ready components,” he said. Operational improvements at the facility have already begun, with new equipment, including vacuum furnaces, slated for installation beginning in July. The facility enhancements should be completed by year-end to meet the company’s plan to ramp up production early next year. Chromalloy plans to add up to 200 skilled employees to its existing work force of 195.