Eclipse Jet Forms Service Center Network

 - April 22, 2009, 11:28 AM

Eclipse Jet, one of the companies formed to try to buy the assets of bankrupt Eclipse Aviation, has entered into an agreement with logistics and management organization Eclipse Service Network to form a network of third-party U.S. service centers. Eclipse Jet is also in discussions with third-party service providers in Europe to start an equivalent operation there. Brigadoon Aircraft Maintenance, located at Chicago Executive Airport, is the first platinum-level service center under the Eclipse Service Network. Platinum, gold and silver designations reflect the level of work a facility can perform, with platinum being the highest. Brigadoon claims it is staffed with a team of Eclipse-trained mechanics and is ready to begin flight-into-known-icing (FIKI) modifications for the Eclipse 500. The company also said it has sourced the parts needed for the FIKI upgrade but is waiting for Eclipse Jet to secure the assets of Eclipse Aviation before starting operations. AIN has been unable to reach anyone at Brigadoon to confirm that the company exists and is operating.