FAA Recommends Added Icing Training for Boot Fliers

 - April 29, 2009, 5:11 AM

The FAA issued Information for Operators (InFO) 09005 last week, urging proper pilot training for boot operation and maintaining airspeed in de-icer-boot-equipped airplanes. Although the FAA cites only one accident in the InFO–the February 2005 Circuit City Citation 560 crash in Pueblo, Colo.–it is possible that the Colgan Air Q400 accident near Buffalo, N.Y., in February also prompted publication of this information. The InFO recommends that all training and checking personnel ensure that training and checkrides address operating limitations and procedures for flight-in-icing conditions, the ice-bridging issue and when to deploy boots, appropriate airspeeds and monitoring skills and workload management during icing operations. The FAA also suggests that training center evaluators and check airmen test de-icer boot knowledge and operation during practical tests and flight checks. Pilots should also ensure they use the manufacturer’s recommended airspeed in icing conditions or a speed 1.5 times the non-ice stall speed, the FAA said.